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Brandon Taylor

Who is Brandon Taylor?

My name is Brandon Taylor, and I’m writing articles about different games, Minecraft PE in particular.

Brandon Taylor

About the author

I’m 23, and I’m studying at university. I like literally everything: games, scientific research, reading, graphic design, animation, and lots more.

How did I learn about Minecraft PE?

I found out about MCPE at the end of 2013. It became my favorite game instantly. I adore building in survival, but I’m not a big fan of multiplayer.

Why did I decide to start my website?

Well, I’ve always been keen on an idea of opening my little blog where I can share mods, texture packs, and maps I liked. Thus now I have

What can you find on

So, there are dozens of various add-ons, mods, plugins, texture-pack. All of it is compatible with many versions of Minecraft PE. That’s why you can download everything you want here.


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