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How to Install Minecraft Maps for Android?

Instruction for installing MCPE maps

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Install Minecraft PE Maps for Android: full instruction for easy downloading and installing mcworld files!

Instructions for installing MCPE maps

Many players want to explore new territories and find themselves in famous places, real or fictional. To do this, users need instructions how to install maps for Minecraft PE. To do this, you need to take only a few steps:

  1. Download the map file (mcworld);
  2. find it in downloads and open in Minecraft PE;
  3. select the world;

Step 1: Downloading the file

In Maps category, users can find various location created for MCPE. We download Photo Zone map as an example:

Step 1 Install Map for Minecraft PE

Step 2: Opening the file in Minecraft PE

Photo Zone Map has mcworld file, so users can open it in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Step 2 Install Map for Minecraft PE

Step 3: Selecting the world

After importing the file, Minecraft Pocket Edition players need to select the world.

Step 3 Install Map for Minecraft PE

Thanks to these simple instructions, any user will download and install the mcworld file on Android and use the best locations created for Minecraft PE.