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Guns Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.16.1 for Android
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Download the guns mod for Minecraft PE: obtain new ways of killing and crushing your enemies.

Guns Mod Features in MCPE

Minecraft PE has never had many weapons since Mojang Studios believes spreading violence is no good thing for its community.

However, mod makers keep adding new hardware to fight mobs and players in the game.

Thanks to these addons, MCPE receives dozens of insane and unexpected forms of weaponry every week. Most of them can be obtained in Survival mode as well.

All in all, the game’s now way funnier and interesting.

Crazy Weapons Mod

According to the developer, this Minecraft PE addon introduces brand new armaments. Using them will let players have engaging battles with other players and mobs who dare standing on their way.

Notwithstanding, the mod’s quirk is the insanity of this armory. It turns out most of the weapons are working in the most unexpected way possible.

For instance, the cookie minigun shoots with really deadly biscuits.

Those pastries are explosive, meaning you can dig up a mountain hole with something that sweet in MCPE.

On the other hand, the crash sword lets you jump remarkably high and kill enemies when landing. The Rainbow Shotgun generates a dangerous tower of wool.

There is also Fly Sword. It causes mobs to trampoline far away to the skies until it lands and usually dies. That knife is perilous in Minecraft PE.

Furthermore, users can handle the Shadow Guardian Launcher to spawn a stranger who attacks anyone that attacks you. All in all, those weapons are quite handy.

The most demented one is definitely the chicken sword. It summons a kamikaze hen to fall from the sky and blow things up in MCPE. It’s quite rare but super-efficient.

All the described armaments are typically used to combat angry players or hostile mobs.

However, the Raygun is used to break blocks quickly.

It shoots a laser beam that cracks the aimed blocks in Minecraft PE. If it’s not enough for you, there are Lava and Ice Swords. You can apply them to oppose large mobs of hostile creatures.


  • How do I get those weapons in MCPE?

    Use your Creative Mode inventory.
  • How destructive are those guns?

    Most of them can easily kill any mob in the game.
  • Are those items laggy?

    No, usually they are not.