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Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android: more small changes and minor improvements, making the game even better.

MCPE Features

Mojang Studios continue to enhance the game in all possible ways. The most comprehensive one is the game’s performance. That’s why developers are paying so much attention to crashes and other issues.

However, they’ve also been working hard implementing new features such as new sounds, commands, and blocks in Minecraft PE

Besides, new Marketplace content and skins are available for everyone to download when needed.


One of the primary reasons causing low FPS rates is various particles in significant numbers. For example, public servers like to play with those quite often.

Server spawns are filled with particle-heavy objects. Fireworks are the worst from the technical point of view since they create numerous parts to appear in a short time.

MCPE must deal with those shreds in no time since there’s a new render system explicitly implemented to resolve problems like this one.

It means you can launch as many jots of anything as you want. No lag will stop you from having fun, thanks to Minecraft PE

Another meaningful thing that could cause that issue was an Enderman and his jots of teleportation. Players massively reported they had many problems during the Ender dragon fight.

Luckily for every boss fighter, we are no longer having that pesky trouble in MCPE


There was also a bug when floating blocks turned grass to dirt at nights for an unknown reason. It was rather seldom, but still, this has been solved in Minecraft PE

Unusual and fancy skins were not perfect as well. The “Recently Used” ones could not upload themselves properly since there was a syntax error.

Now, fashion-born users are able to dress up as kings and queens once again in MCPE


  • What are the new sounds in MCPE

    Villagers, zombies, and other creatures received new sounds.
  • What are the new commands?

    Well, you can summon particles now.
  • What is the block?

    The new block is a camera.