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Version 1.16.201 for Android
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Download Minecraft PE 1.16.201 Nether Update for free on Android: numerous goat-related changes and even more technical improvements.

MCPE 1.16.201 Highlights

Minecraft PE 1.16.201 main features are all about highland goats. These mobs have become quite vital for the local ecosystem. Now, they get even better.


Mojang Studios has made quite clear the Nether Update is all about to finish its development cycle. It’s Caves & Cliffs update’s turn.

One of the cliff-side features is goats in MCPE 1.16.201. You can encounter those mischievous mobs if you’ve turned on your Experimental Gameplay.

You can find “Caves & Cliffs content” in the settings. As a matter of fact, goats no longer jump onto the magma block and hurt themselves.

Priorly, goats could spawn in groups from two to a dozen, and some of them were yet babies.

However, only one baby goat can generate at once in Minecraft PE 1.16.201.


As a reminder, goats drop horns if they heat a block or you kill them. The drop chance has been twitched a bit, so it’s a little rarer henceforth.

For instance, you cannot get more than a pair of horns from one goat in Minecraft PE 1.16.201 without the Looting enchantment, of course.

By the way, bucks won’t also be able to jump on the honey blocks. Despite their potent legs and infinity energy for jumping, they are still weaker than the sticky honey.

On the other hand, some stags were a bit inaccurate when ramming a standing person. A motionless player will definitely be bumped from now on.

Minecraft PE 1.16.201 goats have no immunity after jumping.

Some players actually reported they couldn’t hit the cattle after their furious jumpy moves, which is everything they do.

Other sires were even jumpier than expected. You could witness them making extremely high jumps. It’s been fixed, so this tiny miracle is no more in MCPE 1.16.201.


  • How do I tame a goat in Minecraft PE 1.16.201?

    You cannot tame a goat, but milk it.
  • Can I breed bucks?

    Yes, users are free to establish farms in the mounts.
  • What if attack one goat?

    Don't worry, other animals will not intervene your quarrel.