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Download Minecraft PE free Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: use items for archaeology, visit beautiful Cherry Grove, try crawling, and much more!

Minecraft Beta

Thanks to the developers of Mojang, who promptly fix all the bugs of the game, users have exactly the world of Tales and Trails Update as it is now. Minecraft PE players have many opportunities that are definitely worth taking advantage of in the virtual world:

  • Growing unique mobs;
  • mining valuable resources and crafting new items with their help;
  • exploring Minecraft Pocket Edition ruins and lost structures;
  • new movement options including crawling;
  • customization of armor elements.

Structures and biomes

It is worth exploring structures such as Trail Ruins, if only because they have become part of an archaeological renovation. This means that it is certainly possible to find many unique artifacts there.

For example, Minecraft version players should look for smithing templates.

Many users already know what these unusual items are for: with their help, the player can customize his armor and make it more attractive. This is a great way to stand out from other players. It is only necessary to take into account that the objects will not change functionally.

Cherry grove is another place that you should not pass by. There is a rare wood in this Minecraft that serves as the basis for various objects and buildings.


Those who visit the desert in Minecraft Bedrock Edition probably want to meet more animals there. In the village, it is possible to see camels and even ride them around the virtual world together with a friend.

Those who continue to search for ancient objects in Minecraft PE should seek help from Sniffer, because following the mob users can find such seeds that players cannot see on their own.


Trading options also continue to improve, and villages now have the opportunity to get diamond armor. Minecraft PE players need to find an armorer that will give them the coveted item in exchange for diamonds and emeralds.

Other changes

There are some changes in Minecraft which relate to the blocks:

  • If a player falls into Powder Snow, he no longer takes damage, no matter from what height he fell;
  • Minecraft Bedrock mobs who wear Leather Boots and at the same time weigh little fall into the upper layer of Powder Snow if the fall was from a height of more than two and a half blocks.


  • How to find smithing templates?

    Visit Trail Ruins.
  • How to make Decorated Pot?

    Players need four pottery sherds.
  • Is it fast to grow Sniffer?

    Use Sniffer eggs.