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Ice Scream Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.20.30 - 1.20.81 for Android
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Download Ice Scream Mod for Minecraft PE: fight monsters that kidnap children and can turn you into ice!

What does Ice Scream Mod add to MCPE?

Those who love different horror-style addons and battles with creepy characters will love this Ice Scream mod. The developers have created unique monsters from the world-famous game and settled them in Minecraft PE. Each of the mobs is dangerous in its own way, and it is worth knowing their characteristics in order to defeat them.

MCPE users need to activate the experimental mode before using the Ice Scream mod in the game.

Whoever created the world with this horror addon can invite friends there.


One of the characters – Rod. This is a famous ice cream man who kidnaps children in the story. He has a unique feature – icy breath, with which he turns people into ice cream. This mob appears in Minecraft PE after the Ice Scream mod downloading.


Another character of the Ice Scream mod is Mati. This is a cook who not only looks strange, but also knows how to attack opponents unexpectedly with fireballs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.


A creepy Rod guard named Boris will not let anyone near his boss and attacks anyone who tries to get close to him in Minecraft PE.

This monster from the Ice Scream mod fights well, has excellent combat skills and has cool animations during the attack.


The Ice Scream mod adds another unusual character. This is a nun named Madeline. According to the plot of the popular horror game, she is the mother of Rod, the main evil character.

This mob also has unique properties in Minecraft PE. As fans of the original game know, the nun can teleport.

Additional creatures

It is worth noting that some additional creatures will appear in the game after downloading the Ice Scream mod. For example, now players will be able to see crocodiles in Minecraft PE.


  • How to install Ice Scream mod?

    Download the file and open it in your Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
  • What if the mod does not work?

    Make sure that the experimental game mode is activated.
  • Can this mod be run in a multiplayer game?

    Yes, it is suitable for a multiplayer game.