Minecraft PE 0.1.1

Version MCPE 0.1.1 for Android
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Download Minecraft 0.1.1 for Android: use new blocks, decorative items in construction, and play with friends with the multiplayer function.

What’s newly added to Minecraft PE 0.1.1?

Minecraft PE 0.1.1 players will certainly appreciate that the game has now appeared for Android. An ideal place to create various buildings from blocks.

Well, if something went wrong, you can always destroy any building. Do not forget to invite your friends to join the game.


Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.1.1 offers the player 36 blocks of various materials, among which there are stone, glass, wood, wool, and others.

All blocks can be combined with each other during construction, put on top of each other, and if a player doesn’t like the result of the construction process, he can easily destroy it.

All available blocks are in the player’s inventory, they are infinite. So a user can build whatever he wants and as much as he wants.

Also, mushrooms and flowers are available to the Minecraft PE 0.1.1 player, which are perfect for house decorating.


A great opportunity for a Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.1.1 player is to play online with his friends. To do this, he needs to enable the access point on the device.

The partner in the game joins with Wi-Fi. Through the access point, the player enters the game. The partner connects via the server tab.

World generation

Landscape generation in Minecraft PE 0.1.1 maps was quite primitive and had a limited area. Unfortunately, it is not possible to go beyond the invisible barrier. Also, maps for Minecraft 0.1.1 have some flaws. For this reason, it is quite common to see abnormal areas of the territory.


Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.1.1 there are various biomes, one of which is snowy. Various resources are generated all over the world, so a player can find waterfalls and many other interesting things in the blocked world.


  • Why the multiplayer game doesn't work?

    Be sure the the access point on the device is turned on.
  • Where can I get the construction blocks?

    All items are in the inventory box.
  • How can Steve fly?

    He can only build and jump.