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Download Minecraft PE for Android: decorate the game world with beautiful blocks, get totem of undying, and much more!

The most important in Minecraft PE

There are many interesting details in Minecraft For example, the Mojang developers added a new structure and its inhabitants in Discovery Update. At the same time, other aspects of the game have also been updated.


There is new type of villagers in Minecraft PE – cartographer. This mob can help Steve to visit unique structures like Woodland Mansion. Players should spend several emeralds to buy an explorer map. This item will show the right place on the territory.

There are also two Woodland Mansion inhabitants. Evoker and Vindicator are both dangerous for players. Besides, Evoker can drop totem of undying.

Blocks and items

Many blocks and items in Minecraft have changed their textures. For example, wool, carpets or beds certainly look better. Terracotta was added in the last update, has slightly changed its parameters. By the way, it is an excellent material for decorations.

The web can now be disassembled into threads, and when cutting a watermelon with scissors, all nine elements fall out. The leash, in turn, has improved the physics of behavior.


The Mojang developers did not forget about commands in Minecraft PE Here are some of them:

  • keepinventory — allows players to save their belongings after die;
  • dodaylightcycle — for disable the day and night cycle;
  • mobgriefing — do creepers destroy blocks.

Good work has also been done to improve the colors. This became noticeable in the color blocks and sheep.
Appeared in Minecraft and the animation of sleep. Now, when Steve sleeps, players can see his legs.
There are some changes with the animation of eating: it can be seen from the 3rd person. There is X button in the inventory of Creativity. It allows players to quickly clear inventory.

Woodland Mansion from Minecraft PE 1.1
Totem of Undying from Minecraft PE 1.1
Terracotta from Minecraft PE 1.1
Shulker from Minecraft PE 1.1
Llamas from Minecraft PE 1.1
Concrete from Minecraft PE 1.1


  • How many times players can use totem of undying in Minecraft

    Only once.
  • How to find explorer map in MCPE

    Cartographer can give it to a player.
  • How to decorate llamas?

    Use carpets.