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Download Minecraft PE for Android: fight dangerous inhabitants of Woodland Mansion, decorate the world with glazed terracotta, try new texture pack, and much more!

What’s added to Minecraft PE

The Mojang team has made some changes to the game by releasing Minecraft PE Players can notice improvements in the generation of the world, visit mysterious structures and meet the inhabitants there.

Mobs and structures

Woodland mansion is located in the dark forest of Minecraft Dangerous mobs live here. By defeating them, players can get unusual loot. For example, Evoker drops a totem of immortality after death, giving Steve extra health.

Evoker has one more feature: they can spawn Vex to help in a fight.

Vindicators can also be located in this unusual building. These creatures are armed with axes, so the fight will not be easy. Besides, these mobs also can run fast.

Llamas in Minecraft PE can help users move items to the right place. Such animals can be tamed and decorated with carpets. It is possible to put a chest on this mob.

At first glance, llamas are harmless, but players should not offend animals. Otherwise, they may spit in response, taking health from Steve.


Developers offer Minecraft users decorating the game world with concrete blocks and glazed terracotta. These materials have many color options, which allows players to show imagination.

The Shulker box also works as a backpack. Interestingly, the things that the player puts inside will not fall out after destroying the block.

New texture pack

Another update from Mojang studio to Minecraft Pocket Edition was the addition of a new texture pack that can transform the game world.

Now the player can arrange a holiday on the map using the Festive decorations.


  • How many times players can use totem of undying in Minecraft

    Only once.
  • How to find explorer map in MCPE

    Cartographer can give it to a player.
  • How to decorate llamas?

    Use a carpet.