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Download Minecraft PE for Android: tame llamas, use unusual blocks to decorate the game world, and much more!

What’s added to Minecraft PE

The Minecraft game world constantly gets better, thanks to Mojang developers. Players can meet cute animals in the mountains, craft and use concrete, and find a rare structure in the dark forest. There are also many options for decorating with colorful glazed terracotta.


Llamas are unique mainly because they can carry players’ belongings. All this depends on the strength of the llama that is randomly generated in Minecraft PE

Players can find such animals in the mountains and savannas. They spawn there in herds of several llamas. Depending on the biome, they have different skins.

There are white mobs in the mountains and brown ones in the savannas.

Evokers and Vindicators live in Wooden Mansion, a new dungeon in the game. Cartographers in the villages can sell explorer maps to get to this structure. There Minecraft player will be able to get the totem of immortality.

To do this, Steve will have to kill Evoker, which will not be easy since the mob can summon Vexes.

Items and blocks

Minecraft PE players have the opportunity to avoid death with the help of one unique artifact. The totem of undying saves Steve’s life at the moment of receiving critical damage.

There is only one means players can get such a totem – by killing Evoker.

A shulker box can replace a backpack. It is an option for players who want to put their items somewhere. The Mojang developers offer users decorating the world with glazed terracotta and building with concrete.

Other changes

Some textures in Minecraft have been changed. For example, bed, wool, and some other items. By the way, players can adjust the duration of the spider venom.

Woodland Mansion from Minecraft PE 1.1
Totem of Undying from Minecraft PE 1.1
Terracotta from Minecraft PE 1.1
Shulker from Minecraft PE 1.1
Llamas from Minecraft PE 1.1
Concrete from Minecraft PE 1.1


  • How many times players can use totem of undying in Minecraft

    Only once.
  • How to find explorer map in MCPE

    Cartographer can give it to a player.
  • How to decorate llamas?

    Use carpets.