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Download Minecraft PE for Android: meet llamas, use explorer maps to find new structures, and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft PE

Many users have been waiting for Minecraft PE to see fixed bugs and mob improvements of The Discovery Update. The Mojang developers have eliminated bugs affecting the gameplay. They also changed the behavior of some creatures.


These mobs live in the mountains and savannas of Minecraft These animals can have different coat colors: it depends on the biome where they live. The peculiarity of llamas is that they can carry objects on themselves. If a player has ever tamed a horse, then taming a llama will not be difficult. By the way, players can decorate these animals with carpets.

Users should know that a llama’s spit can cause damage to someone who is not wearing armor.

Blocks and items

Players can mine new materials in Minecraft PE For example, pieces of iron that look like gold ingots have similar features. If the player combines nine of these items, he will receive an ingot of new metal.

Users can also get explorer maps that help to find new structures in the game world. First, the player should find a cartographer to buy a map from him.

Totem of undying

In Minecraft, players can avoid death while taking critical damage. To do this, they need to use a unique artifact – the totem of undying. After the magic ritual, the item disappears, and Steve gets some health.

Evokers and Vindicators

Minecraft PE players can meet this mob in Woodland Mansion. It is the largest building in the game world. Inside, Vindicator lives in one of the rooms. The creature has an axe and knows how to run fast. Besides, this mob can also swim.

It’s worth fighting Evoker to get the totem of undying. This mob also spawns in Woodland Mansion. It can attack players and other creatures.

Woodland Mansion from Minecraft PE 1.1
Totem of Undying from Minecraft PE 1.1
Llamas from Minecraft PE 1.1
Concrete from Minecraft PE 1.1
Terracotta from Minecraft PE 1.1


  • How many times players can use totem of undying in Minecraft

    Only once.
  • How to get concrete powder?

    This block is obtained from a mixture of sand and gravel.
  • How to find explorer map in MCPE

    Cartographer can give it to a player.