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Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android: a lot of various bug fixes and tons of new content.

What’s new in MCPE

Mojang Studios released another minor beta update, which repaired many of the game’s wrong working elements.

For instance, Minecraft PE hugely optimized the game. It works way better than it did before. It appears users were not able to play the game in previous conditions.

However, you might still experience some inconveniences if you are playing on old devices.

Besides, developers announced they no longer support a list of smartphones and consoles due to their age.

All in all, MCPE is the next step in the game’s development.


Generally, the Village & Pillage Update is about settlements and raiders, obviously. Nevertheless, there is a lot of other things to see in the game.

For example, taigas and other ice-cold biomes have sweet berry bushes in Minecraft PE You can harvest not-so-nutritious berries.

They restore only one hunger point since pomes have never been that tasty. Although there are no foxes in the game yet, they’ll love it, so you can collecting.


The outstanding Village & Pillage update evidently adds new towns to the game. Notwithstanding, the cities’ design has been changed in MCPE

They now differ on the biome they are situated in. New houses and building types can now be found as well. All in all, they look way more engaging.

Moreover, the sadly known iron golems are finally working appropriately in the game. It appears they are spawning in each village in Minecraft PE

It means pillagers will less likely successfully assault cities.


MCPE’s other excellent addition is the whole new trading system.

Now, salesmen have levels and won’t trade with a player endlessly.

It turns out villagers have limited goods. Wares can be sold again once they visit their workplace.

Usually, those are some crafting tables, like a brewing stand in Minecraft PE


  • Are there foxes yet in MCPE

    No, they are not yet in the game.
  • Where do I find sweet berry bushes?

    They are usually found in cold biomes
  • How do I find updated villages in old worlds?

    You should visit places where you have never been.