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Minecraft PE

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Download Minecraft PE for free on Android: some minor improvements and gameplay tweaks are ameliorating the game.

What’s new in MCPE

Mojang Studios keeps improving the Village & Pillage Update, which adds whole new settlements, enhances their design, and reaches the new trading level.

However, Minecraft PE also fixes a ton of various bugs that disturb players quite often.

Therefore developers are in desperate continuous need of problem-solving decisions.

For example, this time, they improved the beta debug display text render. It was rather relevant to the content makers since those debugs play an essential role while fixing bugs.


Mojang Studios has always tried to bring MCPE to all gaming platforms possible. It’s already out for Android and other mobile devices, consoles, and PC with VR.

Nonetheless, loads of people couldn’t afford it running on their devices since the game’s performance is not perfect yet.

Minecraft PE is to better this aspect. Some significant work has been done to perform improvements. It’s believed you will be able to launch the sandbox survival game on any device now.

For instance, elytra were added to the game a long time ago, and yet it’s one of the weak working elements in MCPE Devs attempted to make it run better.

Now, you shouldn’t have lags during flights in Survival Mode in the End.


Also, several users found out about a glitch used to duplicate items on public servers. It appears you could make a copy of your precious diamonds or anything else if you closed the chest at the right time.

For the servers’ sake, this duplication glitch was removed in Minecraft PE You can read about that on the new patch note menu.

Users couldn’t close or dismiss them priorly and thus weren’t able to play the game. Fortunately, it’s been solved as well.


  • How do I get a camera in MCPE

    Use /give command or Creative inventory.
  • What are the new sounds?

    Villagers now have fresh sounds.
  • How do I increase FPS in the game?

    Turn down chunk loading in the Settings.