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Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: craft boats with chests, visit Deep Dark, use sculk blocks in many ways, and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft

Mojang developers have released a new edition, where they managed to fix bugs in the gameplay and make other changes. In Minecraft PE Caves and Rocks Part 2, players can transport items by boat. Some mobs have received changes in behavior.


There are a lot of fixed bugs in Minecraft For example, if users place a layer of snow on a block where a flower grows, the plant will not suffer when the block is removed.

Underground lava blocks will now turn into obsidian during generation.

By the way, the error disappeared, in which the healed creatures acquired resistance to damage.

Deep Dark

This gloomy Minecraft PE biome is waiting for small players who can find useful blocks there. For example, you can see sculks in the Deep dark.

Players should walk quietly if there are shriekers nearby. This kind of block can catch any sound. There is a way that will help the player to stay unnoticed: the acoustic block can be isolated with wool or water.

By the way, shriekers can cause the effect of darkness and impair visibility.

Boat with a chest

In Minecraft, an item has appeared for those who need to transport things by water. Many players have been waiting for these items for a long time!

The boat with a chest is easy to use. You need to combine a boat with a chest to create an item.


Allay in Minecraft PE is friendly to the player. The creature helps to pick up items and loves to dance, so it’s worth taking a music block to get to know him. He will continue to pick up things while music playing.

By the way, now Allay does not receive damage from players.

Other mobs have changed. For example, little hoglins can attack game users.


  • How can boats with chests be useful?

    It lets players to transfer items by water.
  • Are there any useful blocks in Deep dark?

    There are a lot of sculk blocks.
  • What can Allay do?

    The mob helps dances and picks up items.