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Minecraft PE 1.19.31

Version MCPE 1.19.31 for Android
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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.31 for Android with a working Xbox Live: meet new creatures that can be useful while traveling, and also appreciate a large number of fixed bugs.

Minecraft 1.19.31 Release

Users can evaluate more stable and productive gameplay right now because in Minecraft PE 1.19.31 the developers have done large-scale work. Thus, many new features will appeal to both experienced players and beginners.

For example, fixed a crash that occurred during an explosion, as well as when a user exits a split-screen session. Also, errors related to the work of the Marketplace have been eliminated, so you can use it in full again.

Spectator Mode

In almost all recent versions, developers pay special attention to the Experimental Viewer mode. Previously, players have already been able to use it, and in Minecraft 1.19.31, observers have become invisible to ordinary players.

It is also worth noting that capes will not be displayed on observers and they will not be followed by animals on a leash.

By the way, they do not emit particles while running and they are not pushed by explosions.


The creatures surrounding the player have also received new features, which are usually associated with compliance with the Java version. For example, the Sculk generation rate or the hit range and size of the Hoglins and Zoglins hitbox.

Also, the teleportation range of Endermen has been reduced by almost half. This was done so that he would not disappear during his teleportation.

While traveling, players often take various mobs with them and go by boat. Now, in Minecraft PE 1.19.31, when a pet is in it, it cannot change its size.

Technical changes

Updated parameters for some popular teams that players often use in the gameplay. Also in Minecraft 1.19.31, the user interface and textures of players will not change color even after a long stay on densely populated servers.

Warden in Minecraft PE 1.18
Allay in Minecraft 1.19
Mangrove Swapm in Minecraft PE 1.19
Mangrove Trees in Minecraft PE 1.19
Music Disc in Minecraft PE 1.19
Recovery Compass in Minecraft PE 1.19
Ancient City from Minecraft 1.19
Sculk Shriekers from Minecraft 1.19
Mud Bricks from Minecraft 1.19
Froglight from Minecraft 1.19
Deep Dark from Minecraft 1.19


  • Which mode allows you to watch the game in Minecraft PE 1.19?

    Spectator Mode.
  • Where can players meet Allay?

    In cages in robber camps.
  • What can Allay do?

    In MCPE 1.19 this mod can pick up items.