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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: learn something new in survival mode, and also surprise your friends with the unusual use of mob heads.

What is new in Minecraft

To make the journey through the cubic world even more interesting, a real camel appears in Minecraft PE This animal will allow the player not to waste his strength to overcome the distance, but simply enjoy the incredible views around.

By the way, the large-scale introduction of the spectator mode into the gameplay continues. With it, you can learn something new or just relax while watching other users play.

Also, the novelty of this version can be considered the appearance of the ability to reproduce the sounds of different mobs. It is enough to install the head of one of them on the Note Block and everyone around will hear, for example, how Ender Dragon growls. Afraid of meeting with him, uninvited guests will hurry to get away from this place.


When arranging their home, players use various items. Until recently, bookshelves had only decorative use. In Minecraft, they can also be used directly to store books.

Up to 6 books can fit on one such shelf, and you can put and put them away even while holding these things in your hand.

Hanging Signs can be another useful subject. Now you do not need to place the block on the surface to install them. They can simply be hung from a building or fence.

New Heroes

To diversify the appearance of the player, new skins will help, of which 7 pieces appeared in Minecraft PE at once. All images are unique and differ in skin color, clothing, and type.

Now each user will be able to make the image unique and inimitable. Go to the Dressing Room section and choose an option for yourself.


A lot of small adjustments occurred in Minecraft, for example, the sound of Sculk Shrieker will be heard at a distance of more than 30 blocks. And Ender Pearl will not be able to teleport the player if he is sleeping.


  • What animals appeared in Minecraft PE

  • What can bookshelves be used for in MCPE

    For storing books.
  • What are Hanging Signs for?

    To place important information or a name on them.