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Minecraft PE 1.19.60

Version MCPE 1.19 for Android
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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.60 for Android with a working Xbox Live: play more sounds with mob heads, build from beautiful blocks, and ride unique animals!

Minecraft 1.19.60 Release

Mojang developers paid attention to bug some fixes and crashes in Minecraft PE 1.19.60. The update improves the game’s stability so that users can enjoy all the options of the virtual world.

To build a house and decorations, players are invited to use bamboo blocks, camels are suitable for desert trips, and mobs’ heads are put on musical blocks to give additional sounds.

Riding a camel

This desert animal can be tamed and also performs the function of transport in Minecraft 1.19.60. Since the camel is tall, the users can safely go to battle riding on this mob: opponents will not get him. In creative mode, users can spawn using an egg in the inventory. In survival, the animals spawn in the desserts.

The developers have made the camel model quite realistic: the animal can run, sit down and even move its ears.

Mob sounds

Players who have not yet tried to play the sounds of mobs on the note block can try this function in Minecraft PE 1.19.60. To do this, players can take the heads of some mobs of the game.

By the way, Piglin and Dragon head no longer have animations in the hotbar and inventory.


Minecraft 1.19.60 players can build beautiful houses in a tropical style using their bamboo blocks. The texture of this material is unique and can also become a wonderful decoration of the game world. The update improves the game’s stability so that users can enjoy all the options of the virtual world.

Other changes

The Mojang developers added some other changes to the game. There is a button for Minecraft PE 1.19.60 players to leave the boat when they fall on it from a height.

Besides, the side menu is hidden while navigating with the gamepad.

Hanging Signs in Minecraft PE 1.20
Bamboo from Minecraft PE 1.20
Boolshelf in Minecraft PE 1.20
Camel in Minecraft PE 1.20
Bamboo Raft from Minecraft PE 1.19-1.20
Mob Sounds from Minecraft PE 1.19-1.20


  • What kind of wood can be used for a hanging sign?

    Players can craft it from any type of wood.
  • How to play mob sounds?

    Put a mob head on a note block.
  • What animal spawns in the desserts?