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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: use camels as transport, craft from bamboo, and play additional sounds by putting mob heads on the note block!

What is new in Minecraft

The developers have once again improved the game world. The Mojang team has fixed a few bugs and made the gameplay better in Minecraft PE

Mob sounds

Players can play mob sounds in Minecraft Steve has to put the head of the selected creature on the note block. Now the developers offer only a few mobs that can give additional sounds: zombies, creepers, piglins, and others.


Minecraft PE players can create a library in the house. Finally, there is a place to store enchanted books in the game world. Chiseled bookshelves are functional and perfect for decoration.

For those who build maps in MCPE, the developers suggest using hanging signs to place text. These items can be of different colors. It depends on the wood used for crafting.

By the way, bamboo blocks are also suitable for creating these items.


These animals are unique: Minecraft can use them as transport. Besides, two riders can sit on a camel at the same time. Steve should go to a desert village to find this animal.

If a player sits on a camel during a fight, his opponents can not get him.

Bamboo blocks

There are many functional blocks in the Minecraft PE world. Bamboo wood is a good resource for building. It also has a beautiful texture. Players can build their houses from these blocks and craft different items.
For example, users can make a raft from bamboo instead of a boat with a chest. Players can put their items in a chest.


Players used to see how mobs disappeared during their entering the End portal. The Mojang developers fixed this issue in Minecraft There are also no more problems with capes on classic skins.


  • What are the features of hanging signs?

    Players can hang them where they want.
  • How to use bamboo wood?

    Users can make doors, stairs, rafts, and many other items from it.
  • Where can I find camels?

    In dessert villages.