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Download Minecraft PE Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: find templates in the structures of the game, learn armor trim functions and much more!

What is new in Minecraft update?

Developers are constantly adding new elements to the game world. There are many unique options available to users in Minecraft PE, for example, armor trim. To do this, Mojang team has introduced templates that players will find in the structures of the world.

There is still an archaeology function in the Trails and Tales update, which is constantly being improved. By the way, suspicious gravel appeared among the blocks.

Armor Changes

For those who are bored with ordinary armor, there is an armor trim function in Minecraft To change the appearance of equipment, players need to go in search of templates in different structures of the game world: Pillager Outpost, Jungle Temple, Ocean Monument, Ancient City, and others. More than a dozen of these items have appeared, and for each there is a certain structure where it can be located.

To apply trims, the player will need Smithing Table.


Most of the new blocks are somehow connected in Minecraft PE with the archaeology function. In order for the player to find ancient artifacts, he needs to have a brush. Players can use the item only on suspicious sand. Such sand, like the usual one, is found in the deserts, but it has a slightly different texture. Noticing unusual blocks, the user can brush them and find pottery shards.

Archaeology also involves crafting items. For example, from four different shards, a player can create decorative pot.


Those who like to search for ancient treasures will surely also enjoy finding unusual seeds. A Sniffer can help Minecraft players with this. The mob is endowed with the ability to smell ancient seeds from a distance. Whatever is found, players can plant and grow.


  • How to find pottery shards?

    Players should use brushes on suspicious sand.
  • What can Shiffer do?

    This mob can find ancient seeds.
  • How to find armor trim templates?

    These items can be found in different structures of the game world.