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Download Minecraft PE Better Together for free on Android: many significant improvements and numerous additions like banners and fireworks.

What’s new in MCPE

Mojang Studios has put a lot of effort into the Better Together update. This massive overhaul features cross-platforming gameplay allowing players to forget about differences in platforms in Minecraft PE


However, this update is also about the wilderness, so verdant and barren sometimes. MCPE introduces adorable tiny parrots that inhabit tropical forests.

They love seeds, so you can tame them with these. Notwithstanding, you cannot breed macaws. Therefore there are no baby parrots at all.

These charming pets will follow you everywhere and additionally sit on your shoulders in Minecraft PE Lovebirds will even warn users about an upcoming hazard.

Generally, pets like parrots will be an excellent addition to your ginormous family of cats, dogs, horses, and others.


By the way, MCPE users have the ability to dual-wielding. It means you can put a map on your off-hand, so you don’t have to carry it always with you.

Unfortunately, only maps support this feature so far. On the contrary, this renewal brought an in-game help guide and split-screen functionality.

Besides, some may witness underwater particles gracefully raising from the bottom in Minecraft PE

Plus, beacons now change their beams’ color according to the glass block’s shade above it. You can have purple, green, yellow, or any other rays shining from a distance.

Yet, ice has only now become transparent, although it was added a long time ago. MCPE made freshly-added banners to appear in the End Cities.

They have a specific purple-black design.


  • How do I make a banner in MCPE

    It's made of six wool blocks and one stick.
  • What happened to world generation?

    There are ravines now.
  • Is gunpowder necessary to make fireworks?

    Yes, you need it.