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Download Minecraft PE Better Together for free on Android: ravines, armor stands, a new crafting menu, and more.

What’s new in MCPE

This update is to fix many interfering issues following multiple users recently. Minecraft PE also features a whole variety of new blocks one can apply as a decoration.

Stained Glass

For instance, stained glass is now available for all MCPE users. You compose one using regular glass made of melted molded sand and any dye you wish to use.

Now, if needed, one can turn it into colored panels and use it wherever one wants. It will fit churches and other places like temples most perfectly.

However, users are free to choose where they should place it in Minecraft PE Generally, there are thirty-two new glass blocks.


Better Together update has brought one of the most vital improvements and changes to this sandbox survival experience.

Players are now able to play with one another despite the platform differences in MCPE For instance, a user on Android can join his friend’s Xbox server with no limitations whatsoever.

It denotes a new era in multiplayer since everyone can play with each other and see no obstacles. Cross-platform gaming has just become a reality, thanks to Minecraft PE

You don’t even have to do anything because it works on a technical level and does everything for you automatically.


MCPE also got a new design of its crafting menu. It features the recipe book and much more. However, if you are not fond of this appearance, you can switch back any moment.

Furthermore, when creating a brand-new world, one is now able to choose a starting map, a bonus chest, and several multiplayer settings.

It means users have more control over their worlds henceforth. Minecraft PE helps to build more secure and trustful gameplay.


  • What do I do with an armor stand in MCPE

    You can put your trusty protection on it.
  • Where do I find parrots?

    They spawn in jungles.
  • Can I tame parrots with cocoa beans?

    No, you can't do it because it's venomous for them.