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Download Minecraft PE Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: try to get unique artifacts, customize your shields, and visit beautiful territories!

New options in Minecraft update

There are unique options in the Trails and Tales update for guests of the virtual territory. The developers from Mojang have added to Minecraft PE a unique opportunity to change the appearance of shields. Users have an opportunity to customize armor. Many blocks and items received updated functionality, which made the gameplay even better.

Archaeology items

During archaeological excavations, users will find pottery shards in deserts. To do this, the Minecraft player must first find blocks of suspicious sand. Their texture looks slightly different from ordinary ones, and they hide ancient objects underneath. The developers have provided hints that appear on suspicious sand.

Players could only find items in deserts earlier, and now there is another structure — Trail Ruins. Players will also need a brush to search for treasures. By the way, now the brushes can be enchanted with the effects of the curse of loss, repair, and inviolability. These items lose their durability during the cleaning of the blocks.

Improved shields

This function is taken from the Java edition, and is now available in Bedrock. To get a new pattern on the shield, the Minecraft PE user needs to connect it to the banner. By the way, during this process, the banner will be consumed.

To create such an object, users need to take shields without patterns.


This mob no longer belongs to the experimental options of the game. The Sniffer egg is available to Minecraft Bedrock users. In order for the creature to hatch out of it, the player must put it on Moss and wait ten minutes.

With the help of this mob, it is possible to find rare seeds that can then be easily grown on farmland.

Torchflower from Minecraft PE 1.20
Suspicious Sand from Minecraft PE
Decorative Pot from Minecraft PE
Brush from Minecraft PE 1.20
Sniffer in Minecraft PE 1.20
Cherry Grove from Minecraft PE 1.20
Armor Trim from Minecraft PE 1.20


  • What players can find under suspicious sand?

    There might be pottery shards.
  • What new features do brushes have?

    Brushes can be enchanted with Curse of Vanishing, Mending, and Unbreaking.
  • How to customize a shield?

    Players should use banners.