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Minecraft PE 1.20.1

Version MCPE 1.20.1 for Android
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Download Minecraft PE 1.20.1 Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: use crawling in some places of the game world, craft decorative pots and help the Sniffer hatch!

Minecraft 1.20.1 Release

In the Minecraft PE 1.20.1 edition, the character has more movements, and the developers have also improved items and blocks by fixing bugs in Trails and Tales Update. It is possible to:

  • Try crawling and sneaking;
  • use the archaeology options;
  • visit unique structures in search of blocks;
  • help Sniffer to hatch;
  • change armor with trims.

Sneaking and crawling

This option has appeared recently, but many players have already tried crawling and sneaking in experimental mode. The developers have fixed bugs related to incorrect triggering of movements on ladders in Minecraft 1.20.1.

Sniffer egg

This mob named Sniffer is one of the most unusual inhabitants of the game world. It appeared together with archaeology to help users find plant seeds. Interestingly, the creature is born by hatching like dinosaurs. Exploring the Warm Ocean Ruins, Minecraft PE 1.20.1 players can find such an egg there.

By the way, the mob hatches faster if the egg is on moss.

Archaeology items and blocks

To find pottery shards, the player must take a brush and find suspicious sand. There may be ancient objects under the blocks. And from the found elements it is possible to craft a decorative pot. By the way, Minecraft 1.20.1 player can break the pot if necessary and take all its parts back.

Armor Trims

Smithing tables can become a workstation for customizing items. Minecraft PE 1.20.1 users can change their armor, for this the developers offer different trims. This option adds beauty, but does not affect the functionality of the armor. To find a pattern in Trail Ruins, players need to clean the suspicious gravel with a brush.

Torchflower from Minecraft PE 1.20
Suspicious Sand from Minecraft PE
Decorative Pot from Minecraft PE
Brush from Minecraft PE 1.20
Sniffer in Minecraft PE 1.20
Cherry Grove from Minecraft PE 1.20
Armor Trim from Minecraft PE 1.20
Custom Shields from Minecraft PE 1.20
Crawling from Minecraft PE 1.20


  • How to find smithing templates?

    Players can visit Trail Ruins and other structures to find them.
  • How fast does Sniffer hatch?

    It takes 10 minutes if an egg is on the moss block.
  • Is it fast to recharge Calibrated Sculk Sensor?

    Recharging the sensor takes one second.