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Download Minecraft PE Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: follow Sniffer, apply new plants and use crawling!

Minecraft Beta

The game world is improving with each update. Users have even more unique features in Minecraft The character can not only move by running or jumping, but also by crawling. Archaeological excavations continue to delight users with unusual finds, and many bugs have been fixed by the Mojang developers.


If Minecraft PE players see some spaces where it is impossible to walk in full height, they can crawl. Also, the function is useful so that aggressive mobs do not see the character during his movement.

Archaeological items

The search for antiquities should start with the desert. It is in this territory of Minecraft that blocks of suspicious sand with a texture different from the usual one are generated. There is also a suspicious gravel, in which it is also worth looking for items. To find pottery sherds, players need to use brushes.

After finding four different fragments, the player can create a pot for decorations from them.


Not all archaeological items of the Trails and Tales Update can be found in Minecraft PE on their own. For example, to search for a Pitcher Crop or a Torchflower, players need to follow the Sniffer. This bright-colored dinosaur uses its nose to study the space and easily discovers ancient seeds.

Pitcher flowers can be grown and used in the cooking of suspicious stew.

Armor and shields

Minecraft players can decorate ordinary armor with different smithing templates. These items are stored in Trail Ruins: users will have to try to find them. Users will also need smithing table to decorate the armor. Shields can also be changed with banners, but only if there are no patterns on the shield.


  • How to breed Sniffer?

    Players should use Torchflower.
  • How to find smithing templates?

    Players shoukd go to Trail Ruins.
  • How many pottery sherds players should use to craft decorative pot?

    Four different pottery sherds.