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Minecraft 1.20.32

Version MCPE for Android
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Download Minecraft PE 1.20.32 free Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: continue to explore the improved world with unique Cherry Groves, mysterious ruins, and unique mobs!

Minecraft 1.20.32 Release

Users have already liked with the Tales and Trails Update, as it has opened up some unique options. For example Minecraft PE users can:

  • Discovering ruins;
  • growing ancient plants;
  • customizing armor;
  • crafting decorative items.

The Mojang developers do not stop in improving the world and in MCPE 1.20.32 they fixed some errors that users reported to them.


Since the current update is called archaeological, many items somehow help Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.20.32 players find artifacts in different structures of the world. Users can search for them using brushes that easily peel apples from sand and gravel. So Minecraft 1.20.32 players can find, for example, pottery sherds.

Places where treasures are hidden can be found by the presence of suspicious sand there – its texture is slightly different from that of the usual one.


The main innovation concerning the armor is the possibility of its customization. With smithing templates, Minecraft version 1.20.32 players can make armor items unique. And since the developers have added more than 10 new patterns, there can be many options.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, users can buy diamond armor in Armorer, which can be found in villages. It is worth considering that users will need diamonds and emeralds to buy.

Cherry Grove

Visiting Cherry Grove will give Minecraft PE 1.20.32 players not only impressions of walking through beautiful places, but also the opportunity to get resources there. Wood with a pink texture will help users build and craft by analogy with other types of wood.

Petals are also useful: they are used for crafting dyes.

Bug fixing

Mojang developers have fixed a keyboard error in Minecraft 1.20.32 reported by players who placed several signs. Also mobs like spiders will no longer appear on or near buttons.

Torchflower from Minecraft PE 1.20
Suspicious Sand from Minecraft PE
Decorative Pot from Minecraft PE
Brush from Minecraft PE 1.20
Sniffer in Minecraft PE 1.20
Cherry Grove from Minecraft PE 1.20
Armor Trim from Minecraft PE 1.20
Custom Shields from Minecraft PE 1.20


  • How to find Sniffer eggs?

    Players can find them in Trail Ruins.
  • How to get diamond armor?

    Find Armorer in a village.
  • Is it fast to grow Sniffer?

    Placing an egg on a moss block player can grow the mob in 10 minutes.