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Download Minecraft PE Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: learn how to search for seeds of different plants, grow mobs, and create unique items!

Minecraft version

New details and improvements in the game world are pleasing users again. This time, the developers have also worked on the technical side of the game.

Minecraft PE takes into account a lot of player comments, and Mojang once again pleased the guests of the virtual world with a more stable version. Thus, it is possible to trace the progress from the time of Minecraft Pocket Edition to the present moment.

The Trails and Tales creators are working on the function of trading with mobs, so we should expect big changes soon.


Exploring ancient ruins can become even more interesting if the player grows Sniffer as an assistant. The unique abilities of this dinosaur include finding seeds such as Torchflower. There are eggs hidden in the Trail Ruins, which Minecraft users can put on the moss and wait about 10 minutes for the mob to hatch.

There is one unusual resident in the villages – a librarian. He can give players enchantments if he is offered emeralds.

Biomes and structures

Those who love archaeological excavations will love Trail Ruins. This is a unique place that is partially hidden underground. If the Minecraft PE player sees this structure, he is lucky, because here he will find not only Sniffer eggs, but also smithing patterns.

If the player needs beautiful wood, it is worth going to the Cherry Grove. These blocks can be material for different items. Petals can also be used: they are the basis of dyes.


The archaeology function is implemented in Minecraft due to some items that developers offer players to use. These are brushes that clean sand blocks. It is possible to see pottery sherds under them.

Decorative pots are crafted from ancient artifacts and have no functionality in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Torchflower from Minecraft PE 1.20
Suspicious Sand from Minecraft PE
Decorative Pot from Minecraft PE
Brush from Minecraft PE 1.20
Sniffer in Minecraft PE 1.20
Cherry Grove from Minecraft PE 1.20
Armor Trim from Minecraft PE 1.20
Custom Shields from Minecraft PE 1.20


  • How players can find Torchflower?

    Sniffer can help them.
  • Is it possible to customize armor?

    Yes, players can use Smithing Templates.
  • How to spawn Sniffer?

    Users should use moss blocks.