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Download Minecraft PE free Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: get crafter to use it with Redstone, try to trade with the inhabitants, and get unique enchantments!

Minecraft Beta

All Trails and Tales Update fans should appreciate the changes that the Minecraft PE has brought. Mojang developers continue to improve trading, fix bugs and make gameplay easier. Players can still walk through ancient ruins, search for unique plants and craft items from the elements found at the excavations.


Minecraft players have the opportunity to use a unique block. It is an alternative to crafting table. Developers give players a chance to partially automate the process with the help of Crafter.

When the block works with Redstone, outputting items becomes possible.


Cherry Grove has long been one of the favorite biomes of many players. In Minecraft Pocket Edition, this place is a source of cherry wood. These blocks will be useful in construction and in the creation of various items in the game world.

Users should also visit Trail Ruins. This Minecraft ancient structure is hidden underground and there are such items as smithing templates.


An amazing mob named Sniffer is not like other Minecraft version creatures, as he knows how to find different seeds in suspicious sand. To do this, the player does not even have to tame it: you just need to follow the animal to the place where the hidden objects are located.

Torchflower can have an interesting application in Minecraft PE players can breed Sniffers with it.


Those who want to get diamond armor in Minecraft Bedrock Edition with the help of trade should go to the village and find an Armorer. This mob is ready to share the necessary items with users in exchange for diamonds and emeralds.

Cartographers also live in the villages. They can give the character explorer maps, with which it is easier to find different rare structures in Minecraft

The problem with experimental librarians has been fixed, and now they can sell the best enchantments again.


  • How to get Sniffer eggs?

    Players can find them in Trail Ruins.
  • How to use Torchflowers?

    Players can breed Sniffer with it.
  • Is it possible to get diamond armor in villages?

    Yes, there are armorers who can give it to players.