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Download Minecraft PE free Copper Update for Android with a working Xbox Live: try using tuff and copper blocks with updated textures and create unique locations!

Minecraft Beta

All fans are looking forward to innovations in the game. The developers take into account many of the wishes of users and this time in experimental mode, the game is available to players with fewer errors. Many textures have also been improved in Minecraft PE, for example, copper and tuff.

Copper blocks

After the announcement of the new copper blocks, many players wanted to get them in the game. This is possible in Minecraft, and there are several options. For example, users can add copper doors and trapdoors to their buildings. The unique property of this resource is that blocks can be oxidized. This happens gradually, and then the blocks turn green.

The developers have made the textures of such materials more perfect, and also added recipes for creating them in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Tuff Blocks

New tuff blocks appeared in various versions. For example, Minecraft PE players can build houses and other structures out of tuff bricks. This is a durable material that can now be created using a crafting recipe. This resource also has the property of oxidizing.

Their textures are also improved in Minecraft version


Many would like to replace the usual crafting table with something. The developers have added Crafter to Minecraft Pocket Edition – this is a unique item that works with the help of Redstone energy. This simplifies the whole process.


The Mojang developers have improved some graphic elements in Minecraft PE For example, Armor Trims will now be displayed correctly.


  • How players can use crafter?

    Players can create items using it.
  • Which blocks can be oxidized?

    Copper and Tuff.
  • How to use copper bulb?

    For lighting.