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Download Minecraft PE free Copper Update for Android with a working Xbox Live: meet Breeze with improved textures and behavior, explore Trail Chambers, and more!

Minecraft Beta

The developers continue to delight fans of the pixel world with updates. This time, not only many bugs have been fixed in Minecraft PE, but also interesting features of mob behavior have been added, for example, the Breeze that lives in Trail Chambers.


Breeze is one of the most dangerous opponents that Minecraft players can meet in Trial Chambers. His attacks are wind chargers that explode blocks and deal damage to mobs. This creature can appear thanks to the trial spawner.

The Mojang developers are constantly improving the mob, and this time the texture and behavior have been updated.

The mob can repel enemy attacks and direct them back in Minecraft Bedrock Edition As for the textures, the Breeze will now look a little different at the bottom.

Trial Spawner

This mob creation block has unique properties in Minecraft PE He can work for a long time, but after that he needs time to cool down.

The developers have added another feature: if the player is next to the trial spawner, and there are less than two seconds left before the mob appears, then the spawn is delayed by 2 seconds.


This cute creature living in the savannas has already been loved by many players. The mob does not attack anyone and is friendly to the players. If a Minecraft user accidentally or intentionally kills an armadillo, the animal will drop scutes


This is a unique item that can help in crafting armor for wolves. It is worth noting that we are talking about armor only for tamed wolves.

Crafter from Minecraft PE 1.20 -1.21
Armadillo from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Trial Chamber from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Breeze from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Trial Spawner from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-21
Tuff Blocks from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-.21
Copper Bulb from Concept 1.21 Update Mod for Minecraft PE
Copper Grate from Minecraft PE 1.20-1-.21


  • How to meet Breeze?

    Visit Trial Chambers.
  • What it the main feature of copper blocks?

    They can be oxidized.
  • Is Breeze dangerous for players?

    Yes, the mob can attack players.