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Download Minecraft PE 1.20.71 free Trail Chambers for Android with a working Xbox Live: find different types of wolves in the biomes of the game, tame them, and put armor on them!

Minecraft 1.20.71 Release

Before learning all about the latest Minecraft PE 1.20.71 Release update, it is worth remembering what is already in the game. As players know, the developers have already added some details of the behavior of wolves, and now there will be several types of these mobs.


In the last update, the developers added various new types of wolves. They can be found in a variety of biomes, not just in the taiga. For example, in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.71 forests, savannas, and jungle.

These animals differ from each other in coloring. As many users know, it is possible to tame mobs and put armor on them.

The collar of tamed animals is larger than that of wild ones.


Players could use wolf armor even before Minecraft 1.20.71. In the previous update, the developers added the ability to paint it.

This item may break from damage, but fortunately it can be repaired. To do this, the player will need Armadillo Scutes.

By the way, Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.20.71 does not require activation of the experimental mode to create wolf armor.


Among the mobs of Minecraft PE 1.20.71, the most cute, perhaps, is Armadillo. This mob can be seen in the savannas of the game world. It is harmless and does not attack anyone. After the death of an Armadillo, players can get his Scutes to create armor.


The new swamp mobs are dangerous because of their attacks with poisoned arrows in Minecraft 1.20.71. Bogged can also be found among mangroves. They look like skeletons, but overgrown with moss.

Servers menu

The developers of Mojang decided to slightly update the appearance of the server menu. Minecraft version 1.20.71 players can see the news there, as well as add their own.


  • Where do wolves spawn?

    In Taiga, jungle, forest, and savanna.
  • Is it possible to dye wolf armor?

    Yes, it is possible.
  • How to get Armadillo Scutes?

    Players should kill Armadillo.