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Download Minecraft PE free Tricky Trials for Android with a working Xbox Live: get loot in ominous vaults, use it to craft mace, and fight your enemies!

Minecraft Beta Tricky Trials

Adventures in the trial chambers become more difficult with each new version. The developers, by adding ominous blocks to the update, not only improved the mobs, but also added valuable items to Minecraft PE


The creatures that spawn in the test rooms have become even more dangerous. Minecraft players can meet mobs that have the following effects:

  • Weaving;
  • Oozing;
  • Infested;
  • Wind Charged.

Battles with such monsters are complicated by the fact that they can summon different mobs after death, as well as drop cobwebs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Trial Spawner

Minecraft players can see how trial spawner creates opponents. It can be skeletons, zombies and a Breeze. It is quite difficult to fight the Breeze, because the mob uses the wind as a weapon. By the way, users can get Wind Charges after the mob is dead.

A more dangerous version of the block in Minecraft version is the Ominous Spawner. It creates creatures in armor that makes them stronger.


The blocks that Minecraft PE players receive as loot in the trial chambers can be used to craft maces. For example, it is possible to take Breeze Rod and Heavy Core in Vault.

The mace is a melee weapon, and its damage can increase. It depends on how high the damage is done.

If the Minecraft Pocket Edition player wants to repair an item, he will need Breeze Rod and Anvil.

Bug Fixes

The developers have fixed some bugs in Minecraft PE

  • Mobs will no longer spawn naturally in Trial Chambers;
  • fixed the effects of Potions from Ominous Trial Spawners;
  • fixed Arrow effects in Vaults;
  • no more crashes when logging into Realms.


  • How to unblock Ominous Vault?

    With Ominous Key.
  • What effects do mobs have in trial chambers?

    Weaving, Oozing, Infested, Wind Charged.
  • How to get Heavy Core?

    Find it in Vault.