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Download Minecraft PE free Tricky Trials for Android with a working Xbox Live: explore even more dangerous dungeons, meeting mobs with effects and getting loot from Vault!

Minecraft Beta Tricky Trials

Those who want to explore Trial Chambers in Minecraft PE should take into account that there have been some changes in these structures. For example, mobs will no longer spawn there naturally.

Many bugs have been fixed in the update so that players can explore the improved world.


In Trial Chambers, it is possible to see spawners that create different aggressive creatures. Developers from Mojang has fixed some bugs that occurred during the drop of potions from the ominous spawner in Minecraft It is also worth considering that these blocks can create mobs with equipment.


Another block that can be seen in Trial Chambers is the Vault. Bugs related to the effects of arrows from Vault have been fixed in Minecraft PE

There is another variant of this block — Ominous Vault. He can give the player even more valuable loot.

It is possible to open the block only by using a special key in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Mob Effects

There is an additional danger during the appearance of creatures thanks to the ominous spawners in trial chambers. Some mobs may have effects in Minecraft For example, to spawn silverfish or slime.


Using mace in Minecraft allows players to win melee battles. Weapons can be created from some materials that can be obtained in trial chambers — Heavy Core and Breeze Rod.

Hardcore Mode

Those who want a more challenging game without the possibility of respawning after death should try the hardcore mode. It is possible to select it in the settings.

By the way, the sounds of switching on and off this mode appeared in Minecraft PE


  • How to unlock Ominous Vault?

    With Ominous Key.
  • How to craft Mace?

    Use Breeze Rod and Heavy Core.
  • How to get Breeze Rod?

    Kill Breeze or find Vault.