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Download Minecraft PE free Tricky Trials for Android with a working Xbox Live: escape from the Breeze, use Wind Charges in your battles, and much more!

Minecraft Beta: Tricky Trials Update

Users can get even more unique features in the new version of the game. Before exploring the world of Minecraft PE, it is worth finding out what the developers have added in previous editions of the Tricky Trials Update. For example, visit Trial Chambers, fight the Breeze, find Ominous blocks, and much more.

Trial Chambers

The underground dungeon Trial Chambers is a place for Minecraft players where they can search for different resources and fight dangerous mobs, will appeal to all adventure lovers. This place is great for playing with friends, so anyone who likes to use multiplayer.

Ominous blocks

In recent updates, the Mojang team has added some ominous blocks to the territory of Trial Chambers. For example, a new spawner. It creates aggressive mobs that have equipment in Minecraft PE

Players should not hope that they will receive armor after defeating monsters. Mobs do not drop it.


In Trial Chambers, it is possible to meet not only skeletons and zombies, but also more dangerous creatures. For example, Breeze that uses unique weapons during battles in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Players who manage to defeat Breeze can get Wind Charges and use it for further battles. It is worth noting that mounted mobs will not be immune to this weapon.

It is worth noting that some mobs have received new effects. There are 4 of them in Minecraft Weaving, Infested, Oozing, Wind Charged.

Last Changes

The developers have added some improvements to blocks and items, for example:

  • Minecraft PE players can create double doors from different woods;
  • wind charge is 50% faster if the player shoots them;
  • users can see hints about emotions;
  • there is a sound for trying to access an already open Vault.
Ominous Vault from Minecraft PE 1.21
Ominous Trial Spawner from Minecraft PE 1.21
Ominous Trial Key from Minecraft PE 1.21
Ominous Bottle from Minecraft PE 1.21
Mob Effects from Minecraft PE 1.21
Hardcore Mode from Minecraft PE 1.21


  • How to find Ominous Spawner?

    This block is in Trial Chambers.
  • What effects do mobs have in Trial Chambers?

    Weaving, Infested, Oozing, Wind Charged.
  • How to get Wind Charges?

    Kill Breeze.