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Download Minecraft PE free Tricky Trials for Android with a working Xbox Live: have unique opportunities in Trial Chambers, get powerful weapons, and defeat dangerous mobs!

Minecraft Beta

Cool adventures in dangerous Trial Chambers continue, because the Mojang has released another update of the virtual space. In Minecraft PE, users can attack enemies with advanced weapons, get even more resources and increase their level.

Wind Charges

Many people are already familiar with the cool weapon for attacking mobs in Trial Chambers — Wind Charges. The developers decided to improve this item, and fixed previous bugs in Minecraft The best way to get charges is killing Breeze.

The peculiarity of the item is that it can explode blocks.

Besides, Minecraft Bedrock Edition players can set up the game so that charges do not break blocks.

There are some changes regarding wind charges in this update. For example, they work the same way in any area. By the way, crouching no longer affects the altitude of the charge.


There is a weapon that can be crafted in Trial Chambers — Mace. To create it, Minecraft PE players will need some items, for example, Heavy Core. It is possible to find them thanks to Vaults.

The durability of the mace is 500, so this weapon will cause quite a lot of damage.


In addition to the usual Vault in Minecraft, there is another option of this object — the Ominous one. Players require a key to open the block. Each user has the opportunity to unlock it once per game.

Minecraft version has a new sound that plays when users try to unlock the Vault again.


Mobs appear in Trial Chambers by spawners. Among them are the ominous ones, which create even more dangerous monsters in Minecraft PE

Ominous Vault from Minecraft PE 1.21
Ominous Trial Spawner from Minecraft PE 1.21
Ominous Trial Key from Minecraft PE 1.21
Ominous Bottle from Minecraft PE 1.21
Mob Effects from Minecraft PE 1.21
Hardcore Mode from Minecraft PE 1.21


  • How many times is it possible to open Vault?

    Use Trial Key.
  • How to get Wind Charges?

    Defeat Breeze.
  • Is it possible to craft Mace?

    Yes, it is possible.