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Download Minecraft PE free Tricky Trials for Android with a working Xbox Live: go to dangerous dungeons and use your skills to fight monsters!

Minecraft Beta

The improved pixel world from Mojang will appeal to players who want to explore mysterious Trial Chambers, create cool weapons and spawn more dangerous monsters.

In Minecraft PE, it is worth inviting friends and using multiplayer, as the skills of different players can be useful in difficult game conditions.

Ominous Blocks

There are ominous blocks in Minecraft Bedrock Edition for players. For example, the spawner will summon strong opponents with armor. Ominous vaults contain more valuable items, including those needed to craft maces.

When a character uses an ominous potion in MCPE, he receives Bad Omen for 1 hour and 40 minutes.


For battles with dangerous opponents living in Trial Chambers, Minecraft players should use a mace. The weapon has durability 500. If an item breaks during combat, it can be repaired with an anvil. You will also need a Breeze Rod.


Some players have already managed to meet Breeze in previous editions of the game, and now the mob has become even more dangerous. In Minecraft PE, this mob still uses its wind charges in attacks.

By the way, players can get its weapons after its death.

With the help of Wind Charge, Minecraft version users can move faster and defeat their enemies even from a distance. Air currents can destroy blocks, creating powerful explosions in the game world.


Another inhabitant of Trial Chambers is Bogged. This creature also appears in swamps in Minecraft PE, including mangroves. The creature is quite dangerous, as it is armed with arrows with the effect of poisoning.

In fact, the swamp is one of the versions of the skeleton, but its texture is different, since it is covered with moss.

Ominous Vault from Minecraft PE 1.21
Ominous Trial Spawner from Minecraft PE 1.21
Ominous Trial Key from Minecraft PE 1.21
Ominous Bottle from Minecraft PE 1.21
Mob Effects from Minecraft PE 1.21
Hardcore Mode from Minecraft PE 1.21


  • What do players need to open Ominous Vault?

    Ominous Key.
  • How to get Wind Charges?

    After Breeze death.
  • How to craft Mace?

    Using Breeze Rod and Heavy Core.