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Minecraft 1.21.2

Version MCPE 1.21.2 for Android
Release version. Tricky Trials Update.
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Download Minecraft PE 1.21.2 free Tricky Trials for Android with a working Xbox Live: take part in adventures with your friends using wind charges and mace in your game battles!

Minecraft 1.21.2 Release version

Many have already tried going to Trial Chambers with friends to learn how to survive there in the most difficult conditions. This will be even more interesting in Minecraft PE 1.21.2, as the developers have improved the functions of Realms.

The other options are also changing for the better, and there are many options available to Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.21.2 users at the moment, for example:

  • Create mace;
  • unlock Vaults with keys;
  • battle mobs that have unique effects;
  • move quickly around the world with Wind Charge.

Wind Charges

Perhaps the most unusual weapon in Minecraft 1.21.2 is Wind Charge. It is worth noting that it is not so easy to get it. If users manage to defeat Breeze, the mob leaves behind its items to attack. This is a unique opportunity to learn how to blow up blocks and destroy walls.

But that is not all: with wind charge, players can speed up their movements around the virtual world in Minecraft version 1.21.2.


It is worth trying to create one of the most powerful weapons for battles in Trial Chambers — Mace. It is possible to get a Heavy Core in the Vault, and after killing Breeze, Minecraft PE 1.21.2 players get Breeze Rod.

The item is quite durable, but it can break during use. In this case, Minecraft Bedrock Edition users should fix it using Anvil.


Those who want to get more difficulties in the game should turn on the new Hardcore mode. This is a much more dangerous survival, where the character does not have a chance to respawn in Minecraft 1.21.2.

In the settings, players need to select this mode before the start of the game, since then it is impossible to change the decision.

Ominous Vault from Minecraft PE 1.21
Ominous Trial Spawner from Minecraft PE 1.21
Ominous Trial Key from Minecraft PE 1.21
Ominous Bottle from Minecraft PE 1.21
Mob Effects from Minecraft PE 1.21
Hardcore Mode from Minecraft PE 1.21


  • What do players need to open Vault?

    Special Key.
  • What are the functions od Wind Charge?

    Players can attack mobs and move fast with it.
  • How to find Ominous Spawner?

    Find Trial Spawner and stand near it with Bed Omen.