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Download Minecraft PE free Tricky Trials for Android with a working Xbox Live: learn new ways to survive in dungeons with a mace, wind charge, and other items!

Minecraft Beta

Exciting adventures in the game world continue, because Mojang has published Minecraft PE Players can take advantage of unique opportunities such as:

  • Visit Trial Chambers;
  • search for unique items for crafting maces;
  • gain skills in fighting Breeze;
  • attack enemies in MCPE with Wind Charge.

It is also worth noting that the appearance of Realms has been improved.

Breeze and Wind Charges

Do not forget that dangerous monsters live in Trial Chambers. Among them is Breeze capable of blowing up blocks with its Wind Charges. Players should try to fight the mob to take his weapon for themselves. After that, the Minecraft user can actually possess the power of a monster and attack his enemies with powerful force.

The unique power of Wind Charge lies in its ability to cast off entities and destroy any obstacles.

An additional feature of the item is that players can use it to fly up and accelerate their movement.


If players often have to fight in close combat, they should craft Mace for themselves. This tool is quite heavy, has a durability 500 and base damage — 5. Interestingly, it is possible to increase the impact force if Minecraft PE players attack from a height.

Heavy Core and Breeze Rod are the components to create the weapon.

There are also new enchantments for Mace in Minecraft version, for example:

  • Density;
  • Breach;
  • Wind Burst.

Mobs with effects

Ominous Spawner can produce unusual mobs in Minecraft Sometimes they can have effects such as Oozing, Wind Charged, Weaving, Infested. They give the creature some abilities, such as the ability to spawn additional aggressive entities such as Silverfish or Slime.

This significantly complicates the battles with mobs.

Ominous Vault from Minecraft PE 1.21
Ominous Trial Spawner from Minecraft PE 1.21
Ominous Trial Key from Minecraft PE 1.21
Ominous Bottle from Minecraft PE 1.21
Mob Effects from Minecraft PE 1.21
Hardcore Mode from Minecraft PE 1.21


  • How to use Wind Charges?

    As a weapon.
  • How to get Mace?

    Craft it using Breeze Rod and Heavy Core.
  • What new enchantments does Mace have?

    Density, Breach, Wind Burst.