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Morph Mod for Minecraft PE

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What is Morph mod in MCPE?

Many players have been asking to be able to become animals like cows, chickens or even mobs. Just imagine gaining spider or Enderman abilities.

You can do that with Morph mod in Minecraft PE. All you need to do is to slaughter the mob you want to turn into. Afterward, you’ll be able to choose your forms.


According to the developer, this MCPE addon is quite easy to use since it does not add anything that complicated.

The most exciting fact about it, however, is your ability to turn into any existing animal in the game.

A bat, a cow, or a creeper — you can become one effortlessly.

Moreover, you do not even have to kill these innocent creatures. There is a button you need to press to choose any form of your Minecraft PE body.


This modification works actually the same but with a few differences. One of them is the necessity to sacrifice animals. It is the only way you can become someone else.

By the way, this MCPE mod is relatively fun to use in multiplayer. You can trick your friends by becoming a cow or an Enderman. They won’t ever find you.

On the other hand, thanks to this ridiculous addon Minecraft Bedrock Edition, users can gain mobs features. For example, when a player is in a bat form, you get a chance to see in darkness.

Morph Mod

Owing to this addon, Minecraft PE receives new items and opportunities for the players. To become a dog or a horse, users will have to find the Essence Scavenger.

This rare item can be crafted using two gold ingots, one iron bar, one ender pearl, and a diamond. Once crafted users should find any creature, they would like to turn into to click on them with that magic wand.

To turn back into Steve, you’ll have to find another creature you currently are. For instance, if you are a skeleton, find another bonehead in MCPE.

All in all, these addons will make your gameplay way more exciting.


  • How many times can I switch forms in MCPE?

    You have unlimited possibilities to change yourself.
  • Can I become the Ender Dragon?

    Yes, all players can turn into the game's main boss.
  • Can you swim fast if you are a fish?

    Yes, for sure!