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Resident Evil Map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.17.0 - 1.20.41 for Android
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Download Resident Evil Map for Minecraft PE: get into the city, which was attacked by monsters, walk through the streets and look into every house!

What does Resident Evil Map add to MCPE?

The player will spawn in a small room where there are some blocks, objects and a few buttons. This is just the beginning of the Resident Evil map, as further Minecraft PE users will see that the territory is not limited to one house: the location represents a whole city.

This place is suitable for both solo exploration and thematic play with other users.


There are several exits in the house where the Minecraft PE player appears, but it turns out that some of them are blocked. However, going to the wall with some buttons, the user will be able to get out of the room by pressing any of them.

By the way, the developer has placed hanging signs on the same wall so that the guests know where they are moving.

At the moment, the Resident Evil map is created only for exploring the territory, but users can add different creatures using mods to recreate the events of a famous plot and play with friends.


After leaving the house, the player will see many other buildings from the Resident Evil. Going into different houses, the Minecraft PE player will be able to see a lot of details from a familiar plot. Some items and blocks can be used for survival purposes. In general, the map looks like an abandoned city, cars are abandoned on the street, and the houses are empty.


It is worth noting that the developer managed to recreate the atmosphere of the Resident Evil game. Despite the fact that there are no mobs on the map, the spirit of mystery and creepy locations are present in Minecraft PE. The adventure will be especially exciting if the players travel through the territory at night.

It is an opportunity for users to feel like a hero of their favorite game.


  • How to install Resident Evil Map?

    Download the file and open it in your Minecraft PE.
  • Can I use the map with friends?

    Yes, the map can be used for a multiplayer game.
  • Can i use the map in the survival mode?

    Yes, it is possible.