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SpongeBob Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.16.0 for Android
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Download SpongeBob mod for Minecraft PE: meet legendary characters and befriend them.

What’s in SpongeBob Mod?

SpongeBob SquarePants is a well-known animated series that started back in 1999. It has become a real hit, and now you can experience it in MCPE.

A plethora of recognized characters will appear in the game. Some of them are friendly, some of them are not. All in all, the Overworld has become way more engaging.

Kind mobs

Most of the new creatures are replacing the old ones. For instance, SpongeBob himself is now in a pig’s place. Obviously, he is a friendly one, and he won’t attack you.

Though Patric Star replaces creepers in Minecraft PE, he won’t attack users. The same thing with Mister Krabs. He is famous for his love of money.

Thankfully, Mr. Krabs will not try to rob you. Nevertheless, you must know that he is in place of skeletons. So, this greedy creature ТЕcan be found in wilds quite frequentlyКСТ.

Jellyfish are neutralizing ghasts in the Nether of MCPE. This place has become less dangerous and more pleasant.

Neutral creatures

Larry the Lobster is replacing iron golems in Minecraft PE. He is rather strong, but you can still defeat him. Larry won’t attack you unless you’ve done something stupid like beating him.

Mrs. Puff acts the same way as the Lobster. You shouldn’t attack it, and you’ll be in peace and tranquility. By the way, there are Bikini Bottom Citizens.

They all replace ordinary villagers in MCPE. As a result, they will try to run away from zombies. They also coop with Larry the Lobster. You can still trade with them.

Hostile monsters

Squidward Tentacles might seem sweet in some episodes, but he usually acts quite aggressively. So, he is considered to be a hostile mob in Minecraft PE.

Sandy Cheeks took husks’ place and became a villain, and she will try to kill users. Plankton does the same thing.

When slain, he would drop bricks or dollars with the texture pack.


  • How many new mobs are in Minecraft PE?

    There are 13 new creatures.
  • Are there new pets in MCPE?

    Yes! You can tame Gary and a boat.
  • Does this mod add new bosses into the game?

    Yes, The Flying Dutchman replaces the Wither.