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Star Trek Map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.16.0 - 1.20.41 for Android
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Download Star Trek Map for Minecraft PE: take a trip to a spaceship, explore mysterious territory, and play with friends!

What does Star Trek Map add to MCPE?

Fans of the Star Trek movie will appreciate this Minecraft PE map. The developer suggests visiting a real space base consisting of several ships fully corresponding to the theme of the famous plot.

Star Trek

The main building of this map for Minecraft PE will be a 22-deck ship with several unusual places to visit. Players should visit the captain’s bridge in the center of the structure. Star Trek fans know the captain’s chair, standing in the center. There is also a lunch area, an infirmary, and an engineering deck on the ship.


In one of the ships, Minecraft PE players will find the famous room where Spock dies, according to the Star Trek plot. Finally, users should visit the place where the shuttles are located. There are quite a few of them here, so it’s better to take the time to explore them all.

Another interesting part of the map is the captain’s training room. There is a gym where users can do sports and many corridors.


This map is a giant parking lot for spaceships from the Star Trek universe. Here, Minecraft PE players will see a lot of ships on which the heroes of the famous movie flew. It is worth noting the detailed models. The developers have spent a lot of time creating these designs.

All objects are made in the same style, built of gray blocks, and have everything players need on board for traveling around the galaxy.

Users can explore the location and each object separately, enter the territory of spaceships and feel like a character from Star Trek. There are several small shuttles and even a flight control center inside this location.

If Minecraft PE players wait for night, it is possible to observe a beautiful glow on the territory of the map since all ships are illuminated.


  • How to install Star Trek Map?

    Download the file and open it in your Minecraft PE.
  • Can I use the map with friends?

    Yes, the map can be used for a multiplayer game.
  • Can i use the map in the survival mode?

    Yes, it is possible.