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Undertale Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.16.0 for Android
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What’s Undertale Mod?

Undertale is a role-playing game where players fell into the Underground world. This is a place full of terrors and monsters, but users find new friends and allies.

All of this is now in MCPE. Undertale Friends addon adds dozens of new creatures. Thankfully, you can befriend them and use them as companions.

Where to find these characters?

According to the devs, Asriel, Sans, and even Papyrus can be found in the villages since they replace the ordinary villagers. But not all of them live there.

Players can meet some of the heroes in the wilds. For example, Papyrus replaces the stray. So, if you want to fight him, you gotta go to desserts.

The village inhabitants are tamed with an iron ingot. Undertale characters are compelling in Minecraft PE.

Each of them has more than 1000 hearts.

Their attacks deal approximately 500 points of damage, which makes them remarkably strong.


Of course, you can tame Undertale characters whenever you want, but the only reason you should do it is to kill the new bosses of Minecraft PE.

It turns out there are epic and powerful villains in the world. Already mentioned Papyrus can be found in desserts. Be aware of him, as he has 1250 hearts.

By the way, it doesn’t burn in sunlight, and it can shoot arrows. It’s kind of hard to slay him, but with the help of your new allies, you’ll tackle him without problems.

Asriel and Sans

Sans is Papyrus’ brother and one of the main characters in Undertale. In MCPE addon, however, he is quite weak. Sans replaces skeletons and has only 2 hearts.

So, it’s easy to extinguish him.

On the other hand, Asriel is the most substantial mob in Minecraft PE. It has 50.000 hearts. It’s literally impossible to kill him alone. You should visit one of the villages to make some friends.

Advice: don’t even try to fight him in melee — Asriel deals 10.000 damage points.


  • How many new mobs are in Minecraft PE?

    There are 7 new creatures, 3 of which are bosses.
  • Are there any new items?

    No, devs didn't add any new items into MCPE.
  • Where can I find Endermen?

    Asriel now replaces all Endermen in the game.