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Animes WG Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.20.30 - 1.20.81 for Android
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Download Animes WG Mod for Minecraft PE: win dangerous battles using different attacks and weapons, transform into creepy monsters, and much more!

What does Animes WG Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE players who like dangerous adventures will love Animes WG mod. This is an opportunity to meet new enemies and fight them. Users can transform into monsters and use unique attacks in battle. It is worth noting that new sounds and custom animations are also being added which make the game more dynamic.

By enabling the experimental mode, Minecraft Bedrock Edition players can use all the addon options.


The Animes WG mod is interesting because it adds different heroes to the game world, who will become new opponents of the main character. For those who like to use new abilities in the Minecraft PE, it will be a pleasant surprise that the user will have unique attacks. With their help, he will defeat any mob, even the strongest.

If a player wants to defeat monsters with friends, he should invite all participants to the created world with activated Animes WG mod.


This addon lets players meet several characters, each of which has its own level of health and features in Minecraft PE. Also, some monsters from Animes WG mod have weapons for battles.

Kuririn and Todoroki have 80 HP, Yamamoto – 100, Luffy – 200. There are also Luffy Gear 2 with 300 HP and Luffy Gear 5 with 400 HP.


The most unexpected thing in Animes WG mod for Minecraft PE players will be the opportunity to transform into new heroes. To do this, the developer added a special item to the inventory. It is possible to get it in the creative game mode. A long press on the item opens a menu in which the player can select the desired character of Animes WG mod.

This is an opportunity to master new attacks and easily defeat mobs and even the boss of Minecraft PE.