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Minecraft PE 0.12.0

Version MCPE 0.12.0 for Android
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Download Minecraft PE 0.12.0 for Android: explore new gameplay and mechanics such as hunger and a weather change system.

What’s newly added to Minecraft PE 0.12.0?

In addition to some technical changes, such as the animation of switching between objects and new particles, Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.0 has been supplemented with several radically new mechanics. In addition to the hunger mentioned before, the player can now even do potions.

Hunger and experience

Perhaps the most noticeable and important change in this Minecraft PE 0.12.0 version is the hunger system. Now food does not restore the player’s health but fills up the satiety scale. If Steve does not starve, then his health will recover quickly.

Another new mechanic was experienced. The indicator, unlike hunger and armor, is located directly above the inventory. Steve can gain experience by killing mobs and mining ores. It can also be obtained by smelting ores or cooking food.

Weather and levels of difficulty

If earlier it was always cloudless in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.0, starting with this version the Mojang developers added snowy and rainy weather in the game.

There are no seasons in the world, so snow will only fall in cold biomes, and rain in warm ones. It is noteworthy that on the border of such biomes, Steve can see both snow and rain at the same time.

Another feature of this version is the ability to choose the difficulty of the game. The higher the level, the more often mobs with armor spawn.

There are 4 levels in total:

  • peaceful;
  • easy;
  • average;
  • difficult.

And this is not the only aspect of the game that changes with the complexity of the game. A Minecraft PE 0.12.0 user can change the difficulty in the game settings, by the way, there is also an opportunity to change the squat and jump in places.


Ocelots appear in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.0 very rarely. Therefore, if Steve wants to find a character, he should go to the jungle. For a mob, this is a natural habitat, so he can even stumble upon a whole group of wild cats.

Ocelots eat raw chicken, attack baby turtles. There is a small chance that a cub will appear next to an adult.

3D person view in Minecraft PE 0.12
Hunger and Experience in Minecraft PE 0.12
The Nether in Minecraft PE 0.12
Lava in Minecraft PE 0.12
The Nether Portal in Minecraft PE 0.12
Ghast in Minecraft PE 0.12
Rain in Minecraft PE 0.12
Snow in Minecraft PE 0.12


  • What innovations have been added?

    Snow, rain, difficulty levels.
  • What is the feature of an endless world?

    It has no limits in the space.
  • How to make a potion?

    Use a potion stand and books with recipes.