Minecraft PE 0.13.2

Version MCPE 0.13.2 for Android
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What’s newly added to Minecraft PE 0.13.2?

Mojang, this time decided to add a huge amount of very different content. In Minecraft 0.13.2, sounds of animals such as cows, pigs, silverfish, and even chickens appeared. Moreover, in this version, players will be able to buy a set of skins, “Biome Settlers. In addition, here, you can find both new particles and many blocks associated with the redstone.

Thus, users of Minecraft PE 0.13.2 received so many different things that everyone will find something interesting for themselves. The developers have not forgotten about performance either. They have fixed a large number of various bugs, which will make the game more stable.

Blocks and items

One of the main features of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13.2 is the large number of blocks that players can use to build amazing buildings. However, most of them are associated with the red stone. For example, lamps, red torches, levers, and daylight sensors appeared in Minecraft PE 0.13.2. What’s more, the user can spot buttons, push rails, trap chests, and even tension gauges.

The last block is used to create a stretch. By connecting these blocks with a thread from a killed spider, the player can create a small trap. It will beep as soon as someone passes over it. Also, in Minecraft PE 0.13.2, there are previously unseen pieces of food. For example, raw and fried rabbit meat, as well as stewed rabbit.


The appearance of the Upper World of Minecraft PE 0.13.2 has also changed slightly. Deserts now generate two new structures. The well appears by chance in the world but does not carry anything useful from itself.

And the second structure, the pyramid, which will often appear in Minecraft 0.13.2, still contains some secrets. There you can find chests with a lot of useful items.


  • Are there any other temples anywhere, except in the desert?

    No, only in the desert.
  • What can you get from the Desert Temple?

    Items from the chests, which are located at the lowest point of the pyramid. But beware of the pitfalls.
  • What can be found in the well?

    Only water.