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Download Minecraft PE Ender Update for free on Android: travel through an unusual dimension, meet dangerous opponents and find unique items for crafting!

What’s added to Minecraft

Ender Update is interesting because it opens up a new dimension for players. Here Minecraft PE users will be able to find unusual mobs, visit different structures and meet the main boss.

New dimension

To get to the End in Minecraft, players need to learn how to craft a portal. To do this, the developers have added new items, for example, Eye of Ender. There are unusual structures with chests on their territories. Players can find some resources there.

There is also a boss – a giant dragon that is quite strong.


In cold biomes, Minecraft PE players may suddenly see a needle. This is a structure made of snow, which has something exciting for the user. For example, a bed can be used to recover. There may be a carpet on the floor, under which the player should definitely look. There may be an entrance to a secret laboratory.

Polar Bears

This neutral animal lives in the cold biomes of Minecraft Often players can meet a group of mobs consisting of adults and toddlers. The bear can only attack Steve in self-defense. If the animal has started an attack on the player, it will not be easy for him to escape from the pursuit. The bear can swim well, so it can catch up with its prey in the water.

If the creature stands on its hind legs, it means it is going to attack.


These creatures are quite dangerous for the Minecraft PE player, and have unique abilities in attack. For example, they can levitate. It is easy to recognize a shulker: it has a purple shell. Players can see such mobs in the End city. Their main task is to protect the treasures in the chests from uninvited guests.

Shulker from Minecraft PE 1.0
End Portal from Minecraft PE 1.0
Ender Dragon from Minecraft PE 1.0
End City from Minecraft PE 1.0
Igloo from Minecraft PE 1.0
Polar Bear from Minecraft PE 1.0


  • Who is the boss of the End dimension?

    Ender Dragon.
  • Where do polar bears spawn?

    In cold biomes.
  • What players can do in igloos?

    They can sleep there using a bed.