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Download Minecraft PE for Android: buy explorer map to get to unique dangeon, fight with Evoker and get totem of undying!

What’s added to Minecraft PE

Minecraft players will find a lot of colorful blocks with an interesting textures for buildings in the game world. Also, the developers from Mojang have added a new dungeon with its inhabitants.


The developers have added some glazed terracotta. It has beautiful patterns and different colors. The old blocks have also changed in Minecraft PE For example, in six, the bed and the carpet began to look more contrasting.


Woodland Mansion is a unique dungeon. It is one of the largest structures in Minecraft There are Evoker and Vindicator – aggressive creatures that can attack Steve. One of the mobs can spawn Vex, and another has an axe to attack.

This place can be located many blocks away from Steve. To find it, players should get an explorer map. There is a cartographer in the village: this mob can sell the item.

Users should find the mob and spend some emeralds in exchange for the map.


If Minecraft PE player kills Evoker in Woodland Mansion, he gets the totem of undying. This item returns some health to Steve when the character gets critical damage. After that, this item disappears.

Some changes concern melon blocks. When destroying them with scissors, players can get all nine slices at the same time.


There are animals in Minecraft that can carry players’ items. Llamas have three color types: it depends on the territory of their spawn. These mobs can be decorated with colorful carpets.

Other changes

Also, the developers of Minecraft PE managed to add a few fixes. Now users may notice the following changes:

  • The game does not crash when trying to load a texture pack from the resource packs tab;
  • fixed the hang when connecting to Xbox Live.


  • How many times players can use totem of undying in Minecraft

    Only once.
  • How to find explorer map in MCPE

    Cartographer can give it to a player.
  • How to decorate llamas?

    Use carpets.