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Download Minecraft PE for Android: use the adventure mode, buy explorer maps and visit unusual structures!

What’s new in Minecraft PE

Mojang developers continued the Discover Update by publishing Minecraft Players can see many different blocks for construction and decoration, visit unique structures, and evaluate bug fixes.

Woodland Mansion

This structure is located in the dark forest biome and is a huge house with many rooms. Minecraft PE players will need many hours to get around the entire mansion. Mobs live inside, which can become dangerous opponents of Steve. For example, Vindicator has an iron axe with him. There may also be an Evoker in the building, which is even more dangerous.

Besides, if a player defeats Evoker, the mob drops the totem of undying, which helps Steve get more health.

Explorer map

The item can help Minecraft users find unique structures like Woodland Mansion. Players should meet a cartographer in a village and buy a map. This mob has white clothes that distinguish him from the rest villagers.


Minecraft PE players can walk on ice thanks to enchantments. To do this, Steve must find the enchantment in one of the chests of the game world and then apply it with diamond boots.

It is also possible to repair items. For example, a player can make a sword eternal.


The developers created llamas for those who dreamed of meeting new animals in the game world. These mobs can be tamed In Minecraft Besides, items can be transported on them. Llamas can be of different colors. It depends on where they live. These creatures have their spawn egg.

Other changes

The Mojang team added some changes to the game menu. Minecraft PE players can use the adventure mode. It means they can not destroy or move blocks.

Woodland Mansion from Minecraft PE 1.1
Totem of Undying from Minecraft PE 1.1
Llamas from Minecraft PE 1.1
Concrete from Minecraft PE 1.1
Terracotta from Minecraft PE 1.1


  • How many times players can use totem of undying in Minecraft

    Only once.
  • How to get concrete powder?

    This block is obtained from a mixture of sand and gravel.
  • How to find explorer map in MCPE

    Cartographer can give it to a player.