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Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android: there are even more bug fixes, minor changes making the game better, and so much more.

What’s new in MCPE

The most notable shift you can find in Minecraft PE is the updated main screen panorama. Now, it fits the Village & Pillage Update.

There are new villagers and wandering traders on the background of the screen. Besides, a player can find an iron golem hilariously punching a nasty pillager.

Priorly, we had the Update Aquatic menu, which was all about fish, seas, and water. Now, it’s more land-related a bit in MCPE


According to Mojang Studios, they’ve fixed many pesky bugs. However, there is also a lot of new to see. Like, signs no longer drop once cloned to the area without support.

Besides, there’s the new API documentation for the log function in Minecraft PE All of those changes are marvelous additions to content creators.

It’s because they’ve got more possibilities to adjust the game properly.

Moreover, since this update is all about raids, pillagers, and brand villages, Mojang Studios has balanced the volume and frequency of the ambient sound during attacks in MCPE

It’s been done for players to easier locate the intruders. Users usually spend lots of time trying to find them.


Furthermore, some iron golems could run to the world’s center for no explicable reason. Normally, they’d do that once the village they’re protecting is destroyed.

Fortunately for their poor iron-made legs, this ridiculous bug has been fixed in Minecraft PE Notwithstanding, there was one more annoying bug about spiders.

They couldn’t get over some obstacles being stuck for a long time. Spiders forgot how to climb things, but it’s been solved in MCPE

Now, these giant arachnids are ready to scare and kill users during nights and in dark caves.


  • Have developers fixed crashes in MCPE

    Yes, they promised they improved this aspect.
  • Why do I need a camera?

    Currently, it has no functionality, so you don't need it.
  • What happened to command blocks?

    They support autofill now.